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Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute

Dept/Unit Head: Don W. Bower


1070 Culpepper Drive, Suite 300
Conyers, GA 30094
Phone: 706-542-8875
Fax: 706-542-1799

Faculty and Staff

Bowe, Roy GTIPI Program Specialist 678-413-4289
Bower, Don W. Part-Time Professor & Human Dev. Spec. 706-542-8875
Brodie, Chelsia 6784134281
Burnside, Amanda Program Coordinator I - GTIPI 800-342-9819
Chapman, Elizabeth Program Specialist, GTIPI 678-413-4281
Crawford, Kim C Administrative Asst II 800-342-9819
Freeman, James Public Information Assistant 678-413-4283
Jones, Francine GTIPI Director 800-342-9819
Keesee, Jean C. Administrative Associate II 800-342-9819
Landy, Dana M. Program & Evaluation Coordinator 800-342-9819
Montalvo, Richard GTIPI Safety Educator 800-342-9819
Redmond, Jason Program Specialist 6784134290
Robinson, Mary Ann GTIPI Program Specialist 800-342-9819
Torrence, Erica Office Manager - GTIPI 678-413-4290
Trammell, Candy Program Specialist - GTIPI 678-413-4281
Turnage, Andrew L CPS & Public Information/Education Coordinator 800-342-9819

Athens, CAES Campus

Shipping Address
1070 Culpepper Drive, Suite 300
Conyers, GA 30094

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